Save Money and Buy The Best Electric Fireplace


Having an electric fireplace in your home lets you enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire without dealing with embers landing on your floors or any of the other dangers associated with traditional hearth. The top models that we found include nice features like boxes that mimic the look of real wood fires and remote controls.

Our favorite electric fireplace is the Dimplex Caprice Free Standing. The Caprice looks like a more traditional hearth and comes in a classic white finish with detailing around the top and sides. It remains cool to the touch and can work with or without heat.

3 Top Models on the Market Reviewed

1. Dimplex Caprice Free Standing in White (View on

Dimplex Caprice Free Standing

Our choice for the best fireplace is this Dimplex Caprice Free Standing in White. The white finish on the outside has a more traditional look that will blend and work with any home, including those with a modern style or a more contemporary look.

It features larger panels along the sides and some detailed work across the top edge as well as a mantel that you can use to display some of your favorite decorations.

Dimplex is popular with shoppers because the company makes it look just like the real thing. Inside this product artificial logs that look like real wood. When the fake flames in the background flicker, no one will know that this isn’t a real one.

One reason we really like this model is because it gives you the option of using it with or without heat. When the temperature drops and you need a little extra heat in your home, you can turn on this feature and use the product like a heater.

You can also turn off the heat and enjoy the look of a fireplace on a warmer day.

The built-in thermostat control lets you change the amount of heat that it produces, and this product can heat an entire room of up to 400 square feet.

Even when turned up to the maximum temperature, it remains cool to the touch, making it a smart choice for homes with pets and/or kids. Dimplex gives you a remote control for using the features of the Caprice.


2. Real Flame 8060E-W Harlan Grand (View on

Real Flame 8060E-W Harlan Grand

With this Real Flame 8060E-W Harlan Grand , you can now enjoy cuddling up next to the fire with someone special without worrying about the flames and embers damaging you or your home.

Made from a combination of MDF veneers and real hardwood, this brand is strong enough to withstand daily use for years. Though it comes in a white finish, you can paint this to change the look of it in the future.

Designed as a heater too, the Harlan has a 1,500 watt infrared heater inside that can produce more than 5,000 BTUs in a single hour, which is enough to heat a larger room.

This set comes with box a firebox and a mantel. The mantel has a contemporary look with bold lines and geometric elements, while the firebox features fake wood logs inside that actually glow when you turn on.

Though you will need to put the Harlan together and install it on your own, installation is easy because it comes with a grounded cord that will work with any outlet.

This cord has a lay flat design that will lay completely flat on the ground to keep your family from tripping over it. It also comes with a remote that gives you control over the thermostat, brightness and other features.

3. Southern Enterprises Canyon Heights in Whiskey Maple (View on

Southern Enterprises Canyon Heights

One of the more striking hearth that we found is this Southern Enterprises Canyon Heights in Whiskey Maple, which would look right at home in a ski chalet or a cabin in the woods.

It is unique because it features materials that look just like wood and natural stone, but because those materials are cheaper to produce, this model costs less than others do.

The poly-resin stone used in the center looks amazing with the darker wood elements around the sides.

Designed for use in rooms of up to 400 square feet, it provides all the warmth that you need on a cold night.

It has a wider 33-inch firebox that is larger than those found on other models, which allows the heat to move more evenly through the room. The replica logs and flames inside it have five different settings that you can adjust with the included remote control.

This Canyon Heights model is a good choice for homes with kids or pets too. Even when turned to a higher setting, the exterior remains completely cool, and it also has a shut off feature that turns it off automatically.

Energy-efficient LED bulbs used inside this model make the logs and flames look like a real crackling fire when turned on.


Our Top Favourite is…

We think that your search for the best model for your home might just end once you see the Dimplex Caprice Free Standing (View on in White. The Caprice is a classy model that looks like those found in elegant and expensive homes. It includes intricate detailing just beneath the mantel, a long mantel across the top that can accommodate your television or decorations and large panels on the front.

Dimplex Caprice Free Standing

The included remote control lets you turn it on and adjust the flames and other features from all the way across the room. It has a thermostat for changing the amount of heat that puts off, but you can use the Caprice without heat too. Not only does it stay cool to the touch when turned to its maximum setting, but the Caprice comes with replica wood logs in the center that mimic the look of a traditional wood fire.